Live to Your Fullest

Grow to Your Fullest

A Road Map to Live an Abundant Life


God is the initiator to everything as He has claimed, I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End (Revelation 22:13). He has made the heaven and earth; he planned a seed, you, me, him and her on His earth.


As illustrated in the left Figure, you, he, she and I are the seeds planted by God with a unique purpose in each of our life’s journey. However, you usually do not know until you earnestly make a calling to Him and constantly send twitters to Him. He will answer you at his time and reveal the secret of your life. Once you get the secret, you gain a vision, his calling; once you get the vision, life is not aimless any more, it becomes exciting and adventuring. 


The book starts with pointing out that we are a valuable seed with unlimited potentials planted by God and He puts his big vision in our life, the life’s fullness (Chapter 1); Not only does He puts a unique purpose in our life but also He has a calling for us to fulfill a mission in life (Chapter 2); However, in order to live out the fullness in life, we have to find the vision by fervently calling for him (Chapter 3). Once we find the vision, we will start a journey to the vision. However on the journey to the fullness, typically we face two types of obstacles: the internal and external.


The internal barriers are self-egos and I-glasses: selfishness, pride and jealousy, etc., and they form the shell of a seed. We have to break them first in order to sprout out the new life and live passionately to the fullness. It’s a process full of pains and risks; a process that needs courage, determination and perseverance; a process of self-brokenness; a process of reoccurring, gradual, long and lonely and it’s a process that is indispensable. Without it, we will always remain as a seed until it becomes rotten. If we fail in the process, we will not be able to grow to the next level. Chapter 4 Breaking Shells helps us to tear down the hard shell just as a chick breaks off its shell and grows wings to fly.


Once we succeed in breaking out the dark hard shell, we grow out of ground to a world full of greatness also littleness; sunshine and darkness; rain and arid; warm and cold; opportunities and problems. We have to face all of them. They may build you up or tear you down. The second barriers are from the outside world, they are all kinds of road blocks on the way: rejections, persecutions, jealousy, and distractions, etc., or they are high mountains or deep valleys, roaring waters in ocean or all kinds of trials and storms. On the way, we have to conquer each of them before we reach our fullness. In order to be successful, we have to learn the tactics to conquer all the barriers on our journey before we are able to bud, bloom and bear fruits. We may die in the process at any time if we are not fully equipped with right weapons to fight against all the odds –we need not only boldness and stubbornness but also great discipline to grow.


However, we cannot have the strength to be perseverance, live out our fullness without partnering with a divine force, the God as HE is the one planted the seeds of fullness and we have to find them in query of Him and find the gift ordained by Him; the initiator of the fullness also knows the path to our fullness so we have to be guided by Him on our journey to reach the destination of fullness. Chapter 5 Conquering the Barriers on the way incites us to connect with a mighty force and commit our God-sized ambitions to a fully trusting God and tackle our way to the destination.


After we have fought over the internal barriers by breaking shells and the external ones, we are guaranteed to bloom, Chapter 6 Reach to Your Full spurs us to move up to new levels and do not take temporal tipping point as the destination, set new horizon, reproduce and multiply our values and expand our influence as there is no ending on a journey to eternity.


The book will help us prepare our way to grow and empower us to grow to our fullest with a key from the above, it is neither from the author nor from anyone else. It’s a key that gives both wisdom and faith to conquer the growing pains from both within ourselves and the growing environment outside; it’s a key that has been searched by many people and the author for so long. The author put all what she found together then formulate a roadmap for you to follow and the roadmap has been proved by many real world stories from persons just like you. If you follow the roadmap, you will get the key to your fullness, no matter where you are now – whether you fail tons of times, in deep valleys; whether you are lost in a dark corner or you are confused about tomorrow; whether you are on the top of your journey – winning after winning; or you are the wealthiest person in the world but you are empty within and you cannot sleep well during night and have no peace of mind during the day; whether you feel so perfect about life, it seems nothing can become better.


No matter where you are in your walk of life, that’s not important. The most important is where you are heading for? What is stopping you for the next big thing? I hope you make a commitment right now to conquer problems that are within you and problems that are outside you, please set your feet on a path to a new vision and enter into a new dimension in life that you never imagine, start to grow vigorously, persistently and in perseverance. And you will gain the crown of life and reach to your fullest. This is the book to take you there.

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