Beautiful Mess

"Neither this man nor his parents sinned," said Jesus, "but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in him" - John 9:3 Our life starts with a beautiful mess, a mess when two souls fall in love with each other and lost in each other. Once we are born, we begin a journey with an uncertain tomorrow, full of adventures. Though we plan, we often run into unforeseen obstacles and make mistakes that lead us to a totally different destination. How do you feel, when you are hosting a wedding for your daughter and you planned it a year ahead but something bad happened in the middle of it? This happened in the history of Jesus' time. A rich man held a big wedding for his son and he in

Good, the Poison of Excellence

When people are asked questions like, how’s everything going, how’s your family, your school or work? We constantly hear the answers like, good, no complain, etc. Good is a state of mind in content with quality, quantity or degree. The self-complacent mind stops our curiosity to search for something new, creative and great. It paralyzes our passion to grow better and achieve excellence. It would be perfectly fine if only we stay in such a state for a little while as a break and reflection on life. But it will be the poison of excellence if we stay there for a long time without any contemplation. The fairy that a little mouse eats rice in a big jar well illustrates the risk we put us in a goo

The moment connect to the eternality

Have you ever heard that people talk about the importance of life? Some people say grabing and focusing on the moment or today is more important than yesterday and tomorrow. And they quoted, yesterday is already gone, tomorrow is not coming yet but only today, the moment or the present is a present from God, so grab it! Some people say tomorrow is more important because it's not coming yet and the moment is transient, yesterday is always gone and you cannot bring it back anyway. The above argument is absolutely both true. However the truth is that the three are all connected seamlessly. If there is no yesterday, there is no this moment, tomorrow will not come until the moment elapses. God ma

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