Start with the End in Mind - Vision

Where there is no vision, the people perish - Proverbs 29:18 When my family bought our first home, the yard was beautifully landscaped by the builder. However, I still bought some bushes to fill in the open spaces in the garden. After a few years, the garden gradually became so crowded and began to lose its beauty. Only then did I realize that I failed to understand how big the bushes would grow over the years. It took me more effort to dig out the bushes I planted to restore the original beauty of my garden. An experienced gardener knows this very well and plants bushes or trees with ample space between them because he designs the garden with an end picture in his mind. After several years,


未来属于那些相信他们梦想美丽的人 - 埃莉诺罗斯福 天生就爱做梦的我,曾有过许许多多的梦想。梦想自然是我生命中的主旋律。我的梦从微小开始,几乎无人觉擦。但这梦仍是我每天生活的主动力,让我激情满怀,品味生活的意义和真谛。梦想是我生命中的彩虹,梦想是我生命中的经纬,它们充满了我生命中的每一刻,每一天,每一周,每一月和每一年。梦想把我带到那充满辉煌又满是危险的阔野。 成长于廿世纪六七十年代中国的一个偏僻小村庄,哪里充满了贫穷,没有牛奶,没有馒头,更没有肉,有时甚至吃野菜和树叶。但是我唯一富有的是那蝴蝶般彩色的梦,那是贪穷无法夺走的。大自然的美丽,闪烁的星星,银色的月光,灿烂辉煌的日出和金色的夕阳给我带来了许多美丽遐想和憧憬。作为一个小女孩,每年我都梦想着有一件带花色图案的漂亮衬衫或棉袄,特别是迎新年的时候。我不敢告诉父母我的渴望因为我深知他们没有钱。但这并没有夺取我的梦。我闭上眼睛,日复一日地想象着穿上那精美的丝绸衬衫。一个夏天,大约当我12岁时候,父亲从外地带了一块真丝织物回家。我母亲巧妙地为我缝做了一件漂亮的衬衫。我即刻穿上,兴高采烈地跑出去向我的小朋友们炫耀这件美丽的衬衫。那时的我非常兴奋,在蔚蓝的天空下,在自家小院里我飘飘起舞。风也为我的喜乐而感动,吹动了树上绿叶,为我拍手喝彩。蓝天,白云和哗哗的树叶声一起加入了这件新衬衫庆典。 有一天,我听说有一个叫做美国的国家,我被告知美国在地球的另一边。 我想,“哦,它在我的脚下”。 我梦想着穿过地球的隧道,走到另一边,触摸一个美国巨人的后脚跟...... 当我学了科学时,大自然的奥秘深深吸引了我。为什么月亮每个月都有圆亏,白天和黑夜又

Start with a Little Dream

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt I was born to be a dreamer and I dreamed so much. Dreaming is the main theme of my life; my dreams started pretty small, but they are the driving force to live out each day with passion, meaning, and significance. Dreams are the rainbows of my life; dreams are the warp and woof of my life, and they fill every moment, day, week, month, and year. Dreams lead me to the lands full of splendors and adventures. Growing up in a small village in China where poverty was evident - no milk, no bread, and no meat, I even ate wild vegetables and tree leaves. However, I was rich in dreams. The beauty of nature: the t

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